Marcus Computers understands how difficult it can be to try and find an IT company who can manage and implement the installation of your new IT equipment for you. You may have to talk to one company about hardware, another for software, another for cabling and another for the installation. Finally when the installation is completed you have to find another company to provide your support and maintenance. 

Marcus Computers have simplified the process for you, by offering a completely integrated service, all at a very cost effective rate. You will be dealing with someone who has taken time to understand your requirements so they can alleviate your concerns and take over the workload. However, we can become as much or as little involved as suits your business. We can carry out the installation while you provide all the hardware and software, or if you just need someone to help your IT staff install a new system then we will be delighted to assist. We let you pick and choose how you want to use our services.


Cabling Services

The foundation of any IT system no matter how large or small is the quality of the network infrastructure. To attain a high standard Marcus Computers has a focused team that can cater for all sizes of network, from a simple but effective 3 user Cat5e network through to larger systems, including redundancy and telephone integration.

This team provides a wide range of skills to ensure all elements of your system are examined and understood, and that the resulting network fulfils your requirements. Marcus Computers appreciate that however good the service is, it is no help if it is not cost effective. This is why, with prices starting from as little as £45.00 per point, Marcus’ cabling services can provide your business with performance and functionality at a very competitive cost.

When the network is complete Marcus Computers’ support does not stop there, we can either migrate all of your IT systems over to the new network or liaise with your IT team or preferred supplier to ensure a smooth transfer. This is fundamental to Marcus Computers’ approach to the IT business in that we provide a complete service from installing infrastructure to application development, all from a single supplier


Support and Maintenance

With so many different IT Companies available it has become difficult for companies to choose were to place their IT support and maintenance contract. It is important to find the right partner but equally important to find a cost effective solution. IT companies offer many different packages and some may even have seemingly attractive first offers and then high monthly or annual costs; this is where Marcus Computers differ. We do not believe in high fixed costs that your business will incur regardless of the amount of support required. At Marcus Computers, we believe that when it comes to your support costs, transparency is the best policy. Marcus Computers are based in Southampton and cover the South of England, offering IT support and maintenance to companies with just one PC through to 50 PCs. We do not offer monthly or annual contracts as we like our clients to see how their money is being used. Instead, we sell blocks of support hours, which are at a very cost 

effective rate when bought in advance. Hours can be bought in blocks from 5 to 50 hours and as your hours are being used, we will send you a support summary of exactly how this time has been spent, broken down issue by issue. This will enable you to not only track and manage your expenditure but also identify the issues and areas that need to be addressed.

Marcus Computers’ standard support contracts consist of:

1) Monday to Friday, office hours (9:00am – 5:30pm) through to 24 x 7 coverage
2) Telephone and remote access support
3) Onsite support and maintenance
4) Virtual private network support
5) Off site (Home) workers support
6) System Health checks and Back Up (off & onsite)

Telephone and remote support are based on a 4 hour response time and onsite time is bookable, but available next day, and within 1 hour for business critical emergencies! Telephone support is charged in 15 minutes units and on site time is a minimum of 1 hour with 15 minutes increments thereafter. Support contracts vary in price depending on the size and complexity of your system. The above is our standard support contract, if this does not meet your company’s needs then we will be happy to discuss your requirements with you to decide on a solution that will suit your IT environment.

Marcus Computers also differ from other IT companies in the personal approach we take. We aim to have the same engineer for your company, allowing the technician to get to know your systems and deal with any issues quicker. When we select our technicians we do not just look at their IT skills, it is very important to us that all our technicians have good people skills. We find it important that your technician should be able to explain to you what the issues are with your IT system, what your options are and work with you to decide on the best approach for your company.


Disaster Recovery

In the last 5 years, the use of IT within the business world has dramatically increased. This has led to a lot of companies becoming increasingly reliant on their IT systems. However most companies do not consider all the threats properly, and although anti-virus, firewalls and passwords are put in place there are still threats that could bring your company to a standstill. A few of these are outlined below.


  • Server loss, this could take up to 10 days to fully replace and recover.

  • Loss of E-mail, this can happen very easily if there is a problem on the server, loss of firewall or internet connectivity.

  • Data Corruption, if this is not recovered correctly you may lose valuable company information forever

  • Personnel unable to use key computer systems, would your staff be able to work for 10 days with no IT

  • Virus or malicious hacker attacks, is all your data secure against unauthorised access?

All these threats are serious and will cost your business critical time, money and reputation. Unfortunately there is no way to completely prevent any of these threats; your company just needs to be prepared. A disaster recovery plan can help you do this; we can design a structured plan around your company’s requirements that will quickly get your IT back up and running. The plan will be fully documented and they are normally easy enough to be followed by someone with just basic IT skills, if your key IT staff are away.

Many companies have Disaster Recovery plans produces when their IT is first installed, but fail to develop these plans as their IT becomes increasingly important and complicated. This can mean that when problems do occur the expectation is that the systems will be back up and running quickly and easily, but the plans do not cover vital newer elements of the business systems, resulting in long downtime's, and potentially expensive work to recover lost data. This is why Marcus Computers suggest that your plan is reviewed every 3 years or after a large change, this is inexpensive and will prove more than valuable.

So if you are looking for the reassurance that your IT can still recover within a day or two after the worst happens please do not hesitate to call or email us, whatever you decide just don't wait until it’s too late. 


Forms Development

Every company has to use business forms, they may not seem very important at the time, but without them no orders can be placed or invoices sent. However, forms can prove to be expensive to have designed and printed through a professional printing firm. Having your forms stored electronically on your computer network is a far more flexible and a cost effective option, providing many benefits to your business:


  • Forms can be stored centrally on the computer network so that they can be accessed easily by all staff.

  • Electronic forms can be easily updated with information, new logos or new features as your business changes and expands.

  • As they are easily filled in on a PC instead of by hand, they become neater and can be checked for mistakes before printing.

  • The forms can be effortlessly backed up, preventing loss and allowing for easy accessibility.

  • All forms become standardised and look more professional.

  • You will never run out of essential forms.

Marcus Computers now provide a service to develop electronic forms for your company. This is a very cost effective service with prices starting at just £50.00 per form (depending on the complexity). Prior to developing the forms, we will discus your specific requirements with you so you get the information you want or in some cases just duplicate your present paper forms with any improvements you feel necessary.

These forms can contain your company’s logo and accreditations, and can be stored in a central location on your systems. This can then be filled out and printed as required. All fields are locked to prevent accidental editing of standard information, and the forms can also be configured to do simple calculations, such as VAT costing automatically saving valuable time.